How do binaural beats work?

Binaural beats are comprised of a matrix of sound waves which are in resonance with natural brainwave functions. Because they are simply sound waves, they are a completely safe method in aiding people into achieving unique states of consciousness. For more information on the theory and the science of binaural beats, click here

How effective are binaural beats for altering brainwaves?

Having worked with and perfected binaural beat recordings for over 25 years now, I can honestly say that this may be a very complex chicken or egg type of question. Clinical studies that I have been involved in have shown that brainwaves can be effected through binaural beat stimulus. These studies wired subjects to EEG (brainwave measuring devices) to ascertain whether or not the stimulus (the sounds) directly and proportionately equalled the brainwaves being measured. The answer was yes and no. Many times, the subjects brainwaves would be equivalent. For instance, when listening to delta frequencies, the subject’s data would show an increase in delta brainwave activity. The same applied for frequencies within the other bandwidths.

Are binaural beats like subliminal recordings?

Not at all. Personally, I don’t believe that subliminal techniques work. If they did, I wouldn’t use them anyway. Triad Mind recordings are meant to empower the listener to make their own choices regarding any changes they wish to make in their lives. This should be done on a conscious level through conscious intention.

The use of subliminal techniques are meant to bypass the conscious mind in order to make the changes at the subconscious level. The assumption is that in doing so, the conscious mind will simply act in accordance with the subconscious. Perhaps this is accurate, as many people seem to have success using hypnotherapy as a means of behavior modification such as: smoking cessation and weight loss, etc. I personally find it much more enriching and empowering if the conscious mind is allowed to engage in the process.

In accordance with this philosophy, our recordings teach the participant to move through the halls of their subconscious mind consciously. The result is a much more balanced approach to any desired modification and more in alignment with the philosophy of self empowerment through self knowledge.

Are binaural beats a form of mind altering substance?

If you run a search engine query on binaural beats, you will find many websites which make the claim that they can produce binaural beats complexes which will emulate the brainwave patterns of something akin to the experience one might have on various drugs. My long experience in creating and researching binaural beats, allows me to state that this claim is completely false. Unlike actual mind altering substances like drugs or alcohol, binaural beats do not work like the active ingredients of psychotropic drugs.

How do TTM binaural beat matrices differ from others found on the internet?

In many ways. The two most important are:

1- They are based on actual research. 25+ years.

2- They are meant to be empowering. The techniques used within our recordings are designed to help the participants achieve their goals without further aid of the recordings. We are not looking to create dependents.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the cornerstone of many mind disciplines. Meditation is also a means of exploring consciousness. It is also a means of exploring ones connection to the divine or if you prefer, the experience of oneness. Meditation has many definitions and applications. TTM considers all of these to be valid and defines meditation as a vehicle for exploring the many facets of what might be considered the self, or more accurately, the total self.

How can meditation be used to help me feel fulfilled?

In more ways than I can describe because I am not you. Meditation is a journey within. Because this journey is a uniquely personal journey, only you will be able to discover how meditation will bring about a personal fulfillment.

However, there are commonalities between practitioners of meditation which bring about personal fulfillment. A sense of inner peace. A sense of profound knowledge of self. A sense of mental/physical and emotional discipline. A sense of being able to use consciousness effectively in order to help them achieve their personal goals. Practitioners also enjoy good health and well being. They enjoy less stress or can cope with stress more centered manner. Often times their ability to problem solve is increased due to thinking  “outside of the box.” They have the ability to activate the power of imagination beyond what is considered normal. All of these and so much more bring about a sense of fulfillment.

Does practicing meditation mean that I will have to adopt a different religious practice?

The simple answer is no. You are more than able to enjoy TTM meditations without adopting a new or any religious practice.

In truth, meditation has been employed in just about every religion since the rise of religious practices. Prayer as practiced by the Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Judaism, Islam), can be considered as much a meditation as the various forms of Buddhist or Hindu practices. Meditation is a discipline, in which one sets aside time to explore that which usually remains hidden from the conscious mind. It is a form of awareness training.

How are TTM meditations different from other meditation styles?

TTM meditations allow you to explore the many faceted thing that we call consciousness in a way that is non dogmatic and philosophically neutral. In addition, TTM meditations employ well researched binaural beat stimulus to help you achieve profound states of consciousness. This is not the type of meditation taught in your neighborhood yoga center. This is profound work designed to bring about profound change through personal empowerment. The vehicle for such change is the exploration of consciousness.

What is meant by consciousness?

Consciousness is a somewhat enigmatic word. Another word for consciousness which many can agree on would be awareness. The dictionary describes consciousness as a state of being aware. I agree with this. I would add to that that consciousness is far more than a simple on/off mechanism of awareness.

What is meant by your use of the phrase The conscious mind?

TTM describes the conscious mind as part of your consciousness which you use during the course of your physical daily life existence. We use the conscious mind to think, to problem solve, to communicate, and to react to our physical environment.

What is meant by your use of the phrase The Subconscious mind?

TTM describes the Subconscious mind as being a part of our consciousness which operates below the threshold of the conscious mind.

What is meant by your use of the phrase The Superconscious mind?

TTM describes the Super Conscious mind as being a unified field of intelligence to which we are all connected.

Are these meditations a form of hypnotherapy?

No. While some hypnotherapist have used TTM recordings within the scope of their practices to help their clients access subconscious content, TTM recordings are essentially meditation recordings. I am neither a therapist or hypnotherapist.

What is meant by a transcendent experience?

A transcendent experience is an experience in which you are joined or connected with something much larger than the self you have always known yourself to be.

Is a transcendent experience like an out of body experience?

I would say that the OBE is one of many possible transcendent experiences.

How safe is it to have a transcendent experience?

If done through proper channels, a transcendent experience can become something which is profoundly moving and enhances the human spirit. If proper preparation is not done however, it may create disturbances in the psyche which is why drugs should never be used in opening the doors of perception. Meditation is a far more effective, holistic and long lasting method of achieving and integrating transcendence, if and when it occurs.

Will doing the Triad mind programs change me in some way?

That would truly depend on your willingness to change. This is in my opinion as it should be. Because of this, change is sometimes slow to come.

Many people wish to use the techniques learned in TTM to effect a positive change in their lives. This desire manifests as a conscious desire, because they suffer in some way, and wish to change that. This type of change however can sometimes be at cross intention with some belief about themselves that still resides in the subconscious content.

In order to make the appropriate changes, the participant will have to be willing to let go of things which no longer serve them through confronting these beliefs. They need to own them, and then consciously make decisions in accordance with the change they would like to become. This takes discipline and diligence. It does not happen magically.

Having said that, change is possible. Discovery is possible. The ability to use the mind to effect such change is possible. It all depends on the willingness of those who participate.

How can I best use the Triad Mind Anchor commands?

The simple answer is on a daily basis. The anchor commands are designed to help you activate the techniques learned while in deep meditation, into your daily existence. With practice, you will be able to achieve instant responses to what ever anchor command you wish to activate.

How should I listen to Triad Mind recordings?

Always in a relaxed position with stereo headphones.

What type of headphones are best to use?

I do not endorse any particular brand, but can say that enclosed headphones with a frequency response of 40 hz – 16 khz work best. I will also say that while mixing TTM recordings, I use Sony MDR 7506 headphones. I find these comfortable and light weight. So if you wish to hear these recordings as I do when producing them, the cost is about 100.00 US per pair.

Can I copy these recordings for my personal use?

No. The site was developed as a membership site to help reduce internet piracy. In addition, the cost of delivering these works to the consumer have been reduced. The benefits to the consumer are many, and I am able to deliver what I consider to be a quality product/service at a cost everyone can live with. The money made through this site is used to further my research and enable me to continue creating these works.

Why do you need my I.P address to apply for membership?

In order to insure that members are not misusing the site or proliferating the work, my data base collects and tracks the way in which members use the site. Any misuse will terminate the users membership agreement.

Can I be granted license to use TTM recordings to do my own workshops?

I have worked with many people in the past creating works which are presented in workshop settings.

At this point I am less inclined to do so, in favor of seeing the three stages of The Triad Mind Program to full fruition. Having said that, I am aware that there are many people who are wanting to present this work in a group environment acting as facilitators.

To this end, I am in the process of creating a facilitators manual for Triad Mind Graduates who have a desire to present this work in such settings. The details are still sketchy, but should be ironed out by the end of 2015. My objective is to create a profitable and helpful model which will serve everyone concerned.

Can I listen to binaural beats recordings in the car?

No. These are not designed as background music. There is a disclaimer at the beginning of each recorded word warning against this.

What research is being done to make TTM binaural beats more effective?

Currently, the research is being limited to field research in various clinical practices, which has subjective value. For over 25 years I have been involved with more in-depth research using EEG and such.

My goal is to open a fully equipped research facility in 2016 and invite consciousness researchers in all fields of study, to help find the answers to the mechanism of consciousness for further application in the next decade.

Can I use TTM recordings with other brainwave devices and technologies?

No. I really have no idea what those folks are doing. It’s not something I would encourage.

Should I use TTM recordings if I am on anti anxiety medications?

I see no reason not to.

In all of my years, I have never met anyone who has had an adverse effect from listening to any of the work I have done. Either through my own company or with the Monroe Institute / Monroe Products. This is probably because the methods have been so well researched. If you are on anti anxiety meds and are unsure, you probably want to consult your physician.

As I said earlier, in the right hands, binaural beats can be effective in invoking relaxation, but I am not so sure it is because they manipulate brainwaves into specific patterns. TTM recordings are more than just binaural beats anyway. They are skillfully crafted meditation recordings which contain narration, binaural beats, music and many other sounds to enhance the ones natural ability to move into an altered state of consciousness, and trip the relaxation response. If relaxation and meditation is not recommended for treatment of anxiety by your physician, then don’t use these recordings.

Should I use TTM recordings if I am currently undergoing psychotherapy?

There are many therapist who use these recordings for various purposes. Ask your therapist if meditation, and the exploration of altered states through meditation, is right for you.

I forgot my log in info. How do I gain access to my account?

If you forget your log in information, simply click on the log in button on the top of the home page. You’ll be re-directed to another page where you’ll see a link which says, forgot my password. Click in this button. After you fill in your contact info, you will receive an email with a temporary password that will log you in. Make sure to check your spam folder if you don’t find it in your in box. Once you log on, please edit your member profile with a password that will work for you.

I am having strange experiences and I need to talk to someone. Who can I talk to?

Sometimes, things happen during meditation which are unusual. We are here for you. Using the contact us form, write us an email and we can begin a dialog with you to help you process your experience.

What is TTM’s cancelation policy?

There are several. With a Level 1 or 2 membership, your commitment is month to month. You may cancel anytime.

In joining Level 3 -5, (The Triad Mind Program ) you are making a deeper commitment to yourself and to us. You will have six months to complete each level of the program. There is no refund. If you are unsure about making such a commitment, we suggest you sign up for level 1 or 2.

How do I cancel my Level 1 or 2 membership?

Simply email: cancelation@           and we will process your refund within 24 hours of receipt.

The website isn’t working. How can I log on?

We want your on demand experience of the Triad Mind to be flawless and have taken every measure to insure that our site operates in a flawless manner. Although it’s unusual, from time to time technology can fail us.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please know we are doing everything we can to fix the problem on our end.

If you experience prolonged problems (anything over a 24 hour period), send us an email using the Contact Us Tab, to let us know. In certain cases, the problem may exist on your end and may be corrected through a phone conversation. We are happy to help and will credit your account with additional time to compensate for the time you lost.

How do I become a TTM affiliate?

There are several affiliate options which can help you pay your tuition and even help you make extra cash. See our affiliates tab for options.

Do you have financing available?

At this time, we have no financing options for the Triad Mind Memberships. However, if you are experiencing financial stress in your life, we’d like to help. Simply click on our affiliates tab to see which options are best suited for your needs.

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