The Triad Mind (TTM) was created to offer a means of living gracefully in a continually changing world. This sense of grace is achieved by introducing participants to the deepest parts of themselves through meditation. The benefits of meditation are many and you can read about some of them on this site. Click here for more info on Meditation.

The origins of TTM began in December of 2001 when Mark Certo (former recording engineer for The Monroe Institute) began to reconsider the purpose of his life’s work.

As a recording engineer and musician, Certo had a profound appreciation of the power of sound to invoke emotional states in the listener. This knowledge expanded when in 1988, he had been invited to join the lab team at TMI by the Institute’s founder Robert Monroe.

Monroe had become quite well known for several books he had written about his experiences in the Out of Body State. For the next fourteen years, Certo had become deeply involved in the science of reverse engineering EEG brainwaves into sound which facilitated altered states of consciousness.

Click here for more info on Binaural Beats.

The Monroe Institute is an organization well known for its research into altered (or transcendent) states of consciousness, such as the Out of Body State. During his tenure at TMI, Certo had the great fortune of meeting and working with some of the most fascinating minds in the field of consciousness research.

As a result, serious questions emerged within his thinking about the nature and origin of consciousness. “What do these experiences tell us about ourselves and the nature of reality? How can we use this wonderful technology to empower people to find what it is they are looking for?” The answer came years later in the form of The Triad Mind (TTM) Program.

The Triad Mind Program was designed for those wishing to discover the full nature of the self, through exploring the phenomena of consciousness. Certo has integrated decades of knowledge and inquiry toward helping people relax the body and mind. In doing so, Triad Mind participants gain first hand knowledge and experience of three distinct, yet integrated levels of consciousness. The foundation for this exploration is a state of consciousness called the Hypnogogic state.

“The hypnogogic state with all of it’s rich imagery is incredibly revealing. It tells us a great deal about how we perceive the events in our lives at a subconscious level. It also acts as a spring board toward experiencing transcendence.

It is through this state that we can increase awareness of our motivations and perceived limitations, as well as increase our ability to recreate our own reality. In short, becoming present on three levels of consciousness enables us to experience and act from our total self.”

Questions about the nature of consciousness, reality, the meaning of life and the self, have been postulated since the dawn of human consciousness. Throughout time, religions, philosophies, science and societal structures have all made an attempt to help us grapple with the unknown. In essence, to create potential order out of perceived chaos. This has been attempted through providing answers.

TTM is unlike any of these in that it does not attempt to provide answers. It’s method is to direct the participants toward their own experience and inner wisdom.

In doing so, people find the answers for themselves and affect the changes they would like to experience, rather than looking toward something outside of themselves to fill the gap. TTM is a program designed to address the deep longing we all have to understand our place in life through exploring three distinct levels of consciousness. The Conscious, The Subconscious and The Super Conscious Minds.

The approach of TTM is very simple.

1. Teach the participant to access appropriate states of consciousness through the use of binaural beats.

2. Inspire curiosity about their relationship to aspects contained within the three levels of mind.

3. Teach them to use consciousness and intention in a new and exciting way. One that is self empowering and acknowledges that all things are in relationship.

In doing so, the participants gain a sense of fulfillment.

Once achieved, all the techniques used during the training are supplanted by the direct knowledge and experience of the practitioner. The program is meant to empower the individual.

Certo further explains, “The important thing to remember is that in many ways, we really are in control of our relationship to our circumstance. If you wish to make an effective change, you must first understand how and why you respond to life in the way that you do. Once understood, you can then focus your intention to choose a different response; one that includes your past while empowering you to create a clearer present and a better future. You become self actualized. When we become self actualized, we use consciousness and energy in a way that is in alignment with the better angels of our nature and evolution.

My guess is that the earliest teachers of meditation did not mean for it to be used so much as a coping mechanism, as it is often used today; but to encourage our evolution, through expanding awareness and using our energy wisely. If meditation can do one useful thing, it is this. That’s what TTM is all about.”

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