Are binaural beats like subliminal recordings?

Not at all. Personally, I don’t believe that subliminal techniques work. If they did, I wouldn’t use them anyway. Triad Mind recordings are meant to empower the listener to make their own choices regarding any changes they wish to make in their lives. This should be done on a conscious level through conscious intention.

The use of subliminal techniques are meant to bypass the conscious mind in order to make the changes at the subconscious level. The assumption is that in doing so, the conscious mind will simply act in accordance with the subconscious. Perhaps this is accurate, as many people seem to have success using hypnotherapy as a means of behavior modification such as: smoking cessation and weight loss, etc. I personally find it much more enriching and empowering if the conscious mind is allowed to engage in the process.

In accordance with this philosophy, our recordings teach the participant to move through the halls of their subconscious mind consciously. The result is a much more balanced approach to any desired modification and more in alignment with the philosophy of self empowerment through self knowledge.