Will doing the Triad mind programs change me in some way?

That would truly depend on your willingness to change. This is in my opinion as it should be. Because of this, change is sometimes slow to come.

Many people wish to use the techniques learned in TTM to effect a positive change in their lives. This desire manifests as a conscious desire, because they suffer in some way, and wish to change that. This type of change however can sometimes be at cross intention with some belief about themselves that still resides in the subconscious content.

In order to make the appropriate changes, the participant will have to be willing to let go of things which no longer serve them through confronting these beliefs. They need to own them, and then consciously make decisions in accordance with the change they would like to become. This takes discipline and diligence. It does not happen magically.

Having said that, change is possible. Discovery is possible. The ability to use the mind to effect such change is possible. It all depends on the willingness of those who participate.