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The search for truth is inherent in human nature. The Triad Mind is dedicated to the pursuit of truth, which is best discovered through personal knowledge and experience. In knowledge and experience, peace and fulfillment are found.

The Triad Mind is a membership website designed to help all who are seeking, find. The Triad Mind was developed by Mark Certo, former recording engineer for the Monroe Institute and leading expert in the field of binaural beat technology. Within this website you will learn valuable techniques to help you attain your sense of fulfillment.


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Meditation is now being recognized as an essential part of achieving health and wellness. Recent studies have shown that..........


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Meditation was once only associated with Eastern religious practices and philosophy. Triad Mind meditations are uniquely designed for the Western mind.


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For those who wish to experience and use profound altered states of consciousness, we encourage you to consider the Triad Mind program.


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Mark Certo here. Hope this finds you doing well. Many of you know me through the work I did during my 13 years as the recording engineer/producer with The Monroe Institute.


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Meditation is one of the most effective channels for discovering truth, because it encompasses both personal knowledge and experience. The word meditation means to focus your attention on something. While this ‘something’ has typically been sacred or spiritual, meditation also teaches the practitioner to use the power of the mind.

In using this latent power of the mind you can create fulfillment and discover the truth of your total self. Triad Mind meditation techniques are presented in non-dogmatic and philosophically neutral language. This allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of meditation. Whether you currently enjoy a spiritual/religious practice, or have no religious affiliations whatsoever, all are welcome here. The information found on this site is designed to be respectful of all paths to peace and fulfillment; the spiritual, the secular and the scientific.

This work will allow you unique access and direct knowledge of your total self, through exploring three levels of mind; the conscious, subconscious and super conscious. This is achieved through skillfully crafted audio recordings, containing sounds specifically designed to lead you into deeply relaxing states.

There is a vast library of recorded work available through your membership. The sounds on these recordings, have been clinically shown to induce varying states of relaxation, meditation and sleep. In exploring these states of consciousness, you will be given the tools you'll need to help you achieve your goals quickly and easily.


  • This work took me to deeper levels of inner self connection I could not have experienced on my own or with less than years of meditation.  From my experience, this is an incredibly profound and effective program. – Jacque M.

    Jacque McFarland LCSW

  • “The Triad Mind is an astounding work of focused meditation, that quickly took me to places in my psyche that I’d never imagined, more quickly than I could have ever imagined!” Adam Y.

    Adam Y.

  • The Triad Mind is the ultimate pathway to SELF discovery and actualization.” Susan C.

    Susan C.

  • I loved this idea and found the site easy and wonderful to use. It’s a place I can refer clients that utilizes sound and meditation to help them with anxiety, past hurts and finding peace. Just a wonderful, creative space to journey in.- Allison Caffyn, LPC

    Allison Caffyn, LPC

  • Amazing journey to be found here at The Triad Mind. I have been meditating for many years and I have used various binaural/audio brain entrainment type technology along with my meditation practices, but this program is the best I have found thus far.  I highly recommend The Triad Mind program and all its levels!

    Lena D.

  • Your Watching the World is PRIMO in my book! I learned how to relax applying the technique without dependency or a need for the audio every time I want to relax.


  • There is such a peace.


  • This is exactly what we have been looking for.

    Karen and Mark