For more experienced seekers looking to enhance their current mediation practice through:

  • Deep body relaxation.
  • Quieting the mind.
    • Connection to the divine.
    • Contact with other realities.
    • Increasing Awareness

We encourage you to consider our Body/Mind/Spirit Membership.

Meditation was once associated with Eastern religious practices and philosophy. Triad Mind meditations are uniquely designed for the western mind. Our meditation recordings are non dogmatic and philosophically neutral, allowing you to explore the spiritual aspects of meditation, and integrate your spiritual beliefs. Even if you do not subscribe to any belief structure, you’ll find these meditations to be spiritually uplifting.

Scientific research has shown that the mechanism behind profound spiritual experiences are found in altered states of consciousness. Altered states of consciousness can be associated with specific brainwave patterns. Triad Mind recordings use an audio entrainment system to allow you to explore altered states safely and effectively.

Level 2 Membership: Body/Mind/Spirit

If you are interested in exploring meditation and the beneficial results it can produce in your mind, body and spirit, we encourage you to consider the Level 2 Body/Mind/Spirit Membership. For just $10 per month, you will receive unlimited access to 22 different audio exercises. These will help you:

  • Find deep relaxation and peace.
    • Explore altered states of consciousness
    • Quiet the ego mind
    • Find inner guidance
    • Increase perceptual awareness

Your Level 2 membership grants you access to all the content in level 1 and 2.

For those looking to explore meditation and discover spiritual connection, the Level 2 Membership is a great option.

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