For those who wish to experience and use profound altered states of consciousness, we encourage you to consider the Triad Mind Program. This program is a program of self actualization, and is designed to help you achieve this through exploring consciousness on three levels of mind.

The premise of the Triad Mind program can be summed in the phrase: “Energy and consciousness are in symbiotic relationship”. In learning to explore consciousness, you will learn to direct and use consciousness/energy in ways that were previously unavailable to you. This is achieved through direct knowledge of The Total Self.

The Triad Mind Program will help you:

  • Relax to the threshold of sleep while remaining aware.
    • Create a solid and supportive environment for internal exploration.
    • Understand the nature of mind.
    • Explore your subconscious content, consciously.
    • Shift limited perspectives of yourself and others.
    • Embrace the unknown without fear.
    • Increase and expand your awareness on three levels of mind.
    • Connect to aspects of internal support, guidance and wisdom.
    • Achieve higher sense perceptions.
    • Create a pathway to transcendent experiences.
    • Utilize this knowledge in physical reality.

If you are already experienced in the art of meditation, you understand what it means to explore your inner world. You understand something of the nature of mind and transcendent consciousness. The Triad Mind program was developed to help take you meditation practice to the next level. The program is specifically designed to help you explore the three levels of mind active within you.

The Conscious Mind. The level of the mind responsible for awareness, attentional and intentional thinking.

The Subconscious Mind. The level of mind beneath the conscious mind threshold where memories, feelings, impulses, and motivations are found.

The Super Conscious Mind. The level of the mind connected to the mystery of our existence, our spiritual impulses, our sense of interconnectedness, and responsible for our personal and collective evolution.

Within the Triad Mind Program, you will gain knowledge and direct experience of all three levels of mind. This progressive learning technique contains 36 recordings designed to take you through and integrate each level of mind, to experience profound transformation.

With these advanced meditation techniques, you can:

  • Alleviate physical and emotional stress.
    • Discover inner strength.
    • Reduce unwanted emotional responses.
    • Unlock your full potential and create new ways of being.
    • Experience transcendent realities.

If you feel like you are prepared for profound transformation through meditation, the Triad Mind Program may be for you. Unlock your full potential and find out what awaits you. Get Started today!

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