Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone

Mark Certo here. Hope this finds you doing well.

Many of you know me through the work I did during my 13 years as the recording engineer/producer with The Monroe Institute. It is work I am very pleased to be have been a part of and whole heartedly endorse. Bob Monroe (the Institute’s founder) taught me a great many things in addition to the art of entraining brainwaves through binaural beat technology. Since leaving the Institute in 2001, I have continued to improve  methods of using sound to induce various states of consciousness through The Tranquility Training Method and my latest release The Triad Mind.

Many changes have happened since my friend Bob passed almost two decades ago. Although my passion for research and the application of binaural beat technology has remained and I continued to create programs and meditations for self discovery, I have done this quietly and only when the spirit would move me, rather than creating recordings on demand for TMI or Monroe Products. For the first few years of the new millennium, I personally trained these programs until I decided that administering programs only took me away from my passion and core competence. I maintained a web presence from which the public could purchase my recordings until I let it lapse in 2007. The website www.tranquilitytraining.com no longer belongs to me. The domain was captured by a squatter in the Ukraine, so if you are looking for me or my work, you won’t find it there.

Other changes include the startling proliferation of binaural beat sites on the Internet. When I began this journey with Bob Monroe and TMI in 1988, there was no Internet to speak of, let alone a web 2.0. There was no social media. There was only one organization doing dedicated research on the effect of binaural beats to alter and raise consciousness, The Monroe Institute. Now it seems there are many sites, ironically (or intentionally) none of which seem to mention Bob.

With the advent of social media, I put up a Facebook page which is still in use. The friends who have reached out to me are mostly people who know my work. Most of these make contact with words of appreciation for past achievements. Many ask for my advice in helping them discern what binaural beat products they should choose. Many want my advice on creating their own binaural beat recordings. Even more want me to tell them all about my experiences with Robert Monroe. Although I have personally experienced so many changes since leaving The Monroe Institute, it would seem there is no escaping the fact, for many people, Bob Monroe and I are inextricably linked. In hind sight, this makes perfect sense to me. As the French say, “plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.” The more things change, the more they stay the same.

So, now the spirit has once again moved me to release a new body of work, I have decided to create a new website and use streaming technology to make this work available to people who are interested. For me, this is a perfect medium which will allow me to facilitate the work and not get bogged down in administration. This change in technology will allow me the freedom to maintain my passion for further research and application of binaural beat techniques. Those interested will be able to do the work at home rather than spend a weekend (or week) away from their families and commitments. In addition, through social media, we are creating a community of explorers who can share their experiences with me and their fellow participants in a group environment. The result of all the changes (both personal and technological) since leaving TMI, is TheTriadMind.com.

The intention behind TheTriadMind.com is to create a platform and a community of people who are interested in personal growth through exploring altered states of consciousness. Within these pages you will find information on consciousness, binaural beat technology and meditation. Although this blog is primarily dedicated to sharing information on these topics; since the release of Ron Russell’s book, many people have asked if I would be willing to share additional stories of my experience with the legendary Bob Monroe. So for those interested in him, I will be including a Mark’s eye view of the man behind the legend.

Although I have never considered myself much of a writer, I do this for a two reasons. First and foremost, there is a need for accurate information on binaural beat technology on the Internet. Secondly, I’d like to pay homage to one of my greatest teachers; a dear friend/ father figure/mentor, Bob Monroe. I sincerely hope this blogs stimulates conversation and interest in the spirit for which it is intended.

Peace to you and yours,

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