Chad- “The Triad Mind is a complete kit or toolbox to allow the user to gain access to the higher self. Following Mark’s formula will allow the user to continue to expand their individual experience and will support the user in whatever way the user needs to be supported. I highly recommend The Triad Mind and Mark Certo to all individuals pursuing the path of exploration of truth and transformation. Whether pursuing enlightenment or exploring consciousness, Mark’s work holds a wealth of knowledge and tools allowing the user to pursue the path with a knowledgeable and gifted guide the entire way.”

Kim- “Since I have been following The Triad Mind, something has arisen from within me that feels natural, spontaneous and deep.
It’s quite obvious that Mark has spent years exploring his own transformation as he brings understanding, integrity, authenticity, freedom and curiosity into the fold as he guides us with the utmost reverence to a place we can experience our own truth, our own totality of “I AM”.”

Brian- “The benefits are numerous. The integration of my mind, body and Spirit has increased through the use of the program meditations. I feel a stronger connection to Source energy than ever. Through the practice I’ve found that my ability to focus has increased and I’m able to maintain a vibrant energy state. The emphasis on strength, compassion, warmth and wisdom has benefits within and without. This focus within has cultivated an inner presence associated with these four pillars and outwardly it expresses itself in relationships. I’ve been able to make progress in healing some difficult relationships. And others have noticed positive changes in both my attitude and patience.”

Devendra- “Just as there appears to be a world outside of us, worlds inside us also appear to exist. The Triad Mind stage 1 program helps us to explore all these worlds, and helps us in our search for what is real; and it even helps us probe what real means. The most outstanding feature of the program is its creator, who obviously knows these territories really well, given his own experience and the fact that he has integrally engaged with pioneers of Consciousness research like Robert Monroe. One is led gradually through the program, one step at a time, to connect with oneself, Reality, Consciousness, God…whatever one may call this, what Mark calls the Intimate. Mark provided me with such clear replies to all my persistent queries throughout the program, these created real shifts in my understanding, not just on the mental plane but on a much larger scale. Hearing him speak and reading what he had to say was such a rich experience. The program changed me and my outlook. I feel more confident of dealing with the unknown because there is an increased trust in what is referred to, in the program as the Intimate part of ourselves — this is a part of us that is ever-present, ever-aware and can ably guide us through its stillness in the myriad storms that appear and disappear. Also, Mark’s insighful words and my own experiences during every Exercise in the program will stay with me, and guide me in many ways, as I continue on this journey, which I call the pathless path. I look forward to Stage 2.”

Jennifer- ” I did not start my journey into The Triad Mind with any expectations because I try not create expectations when experiencing new things. I had already been meditating for awhile. This program has helped me reach transcendent states of consciousness, which I had never experienced before. Furthermore, it helped me understand my thoughts, become more aware of everyone and everything around me, and brought out some parts of me that I didn’t like, but needed to face. I recommend this program to anyone that is ready to connect with their higher self. With that said, one will need to be willing to do the work and watch the rest unfold. I must also add that Mark Certo is a wonderful soul who has taken time out of his life to respond to my emails in the most thorough manner. His advice and opinions helped me tremendously throughout my journey. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher/guide/friend.”

Jeremy- ” Each and every exercise has me learning, or better yet remembering the language that was used. I hope this makes the slightest bit of sense. I know you aren’t teaching Spanish- but you damn well might be the Rosetta Stone for consciousness!”