The Triad Mind program is a three stage tool to help you explore and focus consciousness. The goal of TTM is to teach you to use consciousness to:

  • Enjoy balance, clarity and truth.
  • Promote a sense of freedom in your life.
  • Achieve higher sense perceptions.
  • Experience Transcendent states of consciousness.
  • Focus and expand your awareness.
  • Foster connection, safety and peace.
  • Know your multidimensional nature.
  • Feel your connection to divinity.
  • Explore your subconscious, consciously.
  • Connect to superconscious guidance and wisdom.
  • Affect reality.
  • Become Self Actualized.

What is Self Actualization?

The term defines the ability to be self fulfilling in every way. The Self Actualized human is one who directs his/her consciousness and energy to reach their potential.

Self Actualized People:

  • Understand the profound connectedness of all things.
  • Enjoy peak or mystical experiences.
  • Feel peace and well being.
  • Engage positively with life.
  • Are present with reality in all its forms.
  • Use their energy to create the life they want for themselves and others.

Self Actualized people:

  • Are not seekers. They have found what they are looking for.
  • Are not dreamers. They manifest their dreams through actualizing their imagination.
  • Are not followers. They express their own wisdom.

Self Actualization has been the goal of many spiritual traditions which use specific meditation practices. Meditation is the ability to know the mind, how it works, and how to channel our energy. This is achieved through knowing who you are. Yogananda defined Self-Realization (Self Actualization) as: “The knowing in body, mind, and soul that we are one with the omnipresence of God; that God’s omnipresence is our omnipresence, and that we are just as much a part of Him now as we ever will be. All we have to do is improve our knowing”.

The value of Self Actualization is also recognized in the field of Psychology. CG Jung spoke of the discovery of the self as a process of Individuation. “ In the broadest possible way, individuation can be defined as the achievement of self-actualization through a process of integrating the conscious and the unconscious.”- The Journal Psyche

Why this program explores consciousness?

Although consciousness remains an enigma, exploring it through meditation can help you fully engage the essential qualities of this thing we call a self. What is often discovered is that the self is a multifaceted, multi-dimensional, and multilayered being. The self is simultaneously physical and non physical. This discovery comes from exploring consciousness. The Self Actualized human learns to direct his/her consciousness and internal power to create. They do this because they know who they are. They know who we all are: Materialized expressions of energy engaging in the phenomena of experience.

Within each stage of The Triad Mind Program, participants learn to actively explore and engage in three distinct yet interactive levels of mind. These are:

1- The Conscious Mind: The strata of mind which allows for and interprets sensory experience. This strata allows us awareness and cognition.

2- The Sub-Conscious Mind: The strata of mind which resides below the threshold of cognition and awareness. It is a realm of un integrated experiences, thoughts, feelings, desire and primal motivations.

3- The Super Conscious Mind : The strata of mind which directs and guides our personal evolution through connection with the collective or divine mind.

The goal of the Triad Mind Program is to help people explore and interact with each strata of consciousness. The program also helps people learn to direct mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychic energy towards achieving their goals. In doing so, we perform the great work of humanity while healing our world.

TTM accomplishes this goal through submitting physical and metaphysical questions which are common to humanity, and providing channels for answers through direct experience. This method allows the truth to emerge organically in the psyche of the participant. These ideas include but are not limited to:

  • What is the nature of mind?
  • What is the origin of consciousness?
  • How can I use explore and use consciousness?
  • Will consciousness survive physical death?
  • What is the purpose of my life?

The Triad Mind Program is a syncretic meditation technique. 

TTM is a non dogmatic, philosophically neutral meditation technique for exploring and utilizing consciousness.

The Triad Mind Program postulates that all religious beliefs and philosophies have a valid purpose in addressing human concerns. The Triad Mind program was developed not to postulate beliefs, but to allow an exploration of ones beliefs and to convert these beliefs into knowns through direct experience and application. TTM takes the position that neuro-science and psychology has also provided insights into the phenomena of consciousness. As a result, The Triad Mind Program takes a syncretic view of consciousness; one rooted in the psycho-spiritual and scientific understanding of consciousness.

Our goal is to act as a beneficial adjunct toward the participants exploration of the truth, not to create it for them. Our goal is to help the participant remain curious about their limiting beliefs, not to inject them with our own. Our goal is to help people Self Actualize and create a reality which is beneficial to them and those around them.

Regarding Altered States of Consciousness.

TTM postulates that the term “altered states of consciousness”, defines the experience of bringing conscious awareness to stratum of consciousness which are not ordinarily accessible in the awakened state.

Examples of Altered States include:

  • The Hypnagogic state.
  • The Lucid dreaming state.
  • Peak or transcendent states.
  • Non being states.
  • Receptive or intuitive states.
  • Astral Projection.
  • The Out of Body experience.

Our goals regarding the access of altered states are as follows:

1- To responsibly and methodically provided a platform for accessing altered states of consciousness: Specifically the Sub Conscious and Super Conscious stratum.

2- To encourage curiosity about the content examined in these states.

3- To create a platform for well grounded integration of experiences had within these states.

With the proper training, initiating altered states of consciousness can provide amazing insight and activate a dynamic force in human beings. These states of consciousness are often dismissed as mere fantasy by western scientists who strive hard to understand and help people become functional in their lives. Among some psychologist, there is a changing view. They see the potential of exploring altered states as a means for entering the realm of the subconscious mind as invaluable for uncovering repressed memories and beliefs which can limit the functionality of their patients. Many of these have found lucid dreaming, hypnosis and exploring hypnagogia to be beneficial for these purposes.

Beyond the subconscious lies another strata; the Super Conscious strata. People who have experiences in this strata are usually in an altered state. This unique state opens the hidden doorway to accessing the sublime and divine. Moving through this doorway can bring new light, purpose and meaning to the personal lives of those who have the experience. It can bring about a new understanding of ones place in the world. These transcendent states introduce one to their personal connection with the divine, resulting in a deeper love, compassion and respect for all aspects of life.

In the spiritual traditions, access to altered states was not taken lightly. Great care was taken to help the practitioner learn to let go of the ego, while simultaneously creating a strong foundation upon which the ego self could stand, in order to assimilate the experiences properly. In his book Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research, Joseph Campbell wrote “The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight.” 

Our point of view and experience is that this statement is profoundly true. TTM believes in teaching people how to gain access to and glean information from altered states responsibly and organically. Facilitating access to altered states is an ancient art form which if applied correctly, can help people immensely in their spiritual growth and quest for understanding. Done carelessly it can lead to profound psychic disturbances. TTM uses meditation techniques to achieve the proper results.

In order to facilitate this access correctly and help people make sense of the experiences, TTM takes a slow, methodical and rational approach to the irrational worlds of the subconscious and superconscious strata. In taking this approach, the conscious mind and personality of the explorer are able to integrate the experiences holistically. It is the goal of this program to help participants become those who swim well in these waters. Because these waters are deep and wide, we have created a simple method for allowing this slow integration to occur.

The Great Work of Humanity: Conscious Co-Creation 

The creed of Triad Mind Program is this:

“I am an active participant in the co creation of reality.

As co creator of reality, it is my responsibility to bring my best to any given situation.

Wisdom, compassion, strength and warmth are my allies.”

The objective of the program is to use the gift of consciousness in a responsible and productive manner. This is accomplished in applying the three basic principles within the program:

Principle One: You can become an astute observer on all levels of reality.

Principle Two: You are responsible for how you manage your creative life force energy.

Principle Three: You can re-create reality on all levels through the mastery of your own energetic system.

The Triad Mind postulates that:

1- Each level of reality has a distinct energetic pattern and content which is unique to that strata. These patterns can be deciphered and understood through increasing our sensory awareness.

2- Each level of reality vibrationally interacts with the other two levels to create physical reality.

3- Through sympathetic resonance and activating the divine spark contained within us, we can shift the vibration rate to create realities suited to our sense of peace and well being.

Wisdom, Strength, Compassion and Warmth are the foundational corner stones of The Triad Mind Program.  Upon this foundation, we become clearer channels for working in alignment with our divine nature in co creating reality. In understanding and utilizing these energies, we can create life in balance, peace and sustainability.

The Triad Mind postulates that we are creators of reality. We give it substance and meaning. We sustain it through giving our energy to it. We engage with reality and experience it. We create new reality or refresh current reality in every moment we engage. We are doing this together through utilizing our gift of reflective consciousness. Because of this, we are charged with learning to use our ability. This is the Great Work of understanding who we are.

How the Membership Plan Works

Our membership plans were created to give people the chance to enjoy the benefits of relaxation and meditation in the comfort of their own homes.

If you are on this page, you are likely considering the Level Three Membership.

Once you have chosen this membership, all you need to do is:

  1. Log in with your unique ID and password
  2. Choose the class you would like to listen to
  3. Find a quiet room and relax in a comfortable position
  4. Place your headphones on your ears
  5. Press play on the virtual player and begin the process of meditation

The average class typically lasts about 90 minutes. Be sure your internet connection plan is unlimited so you are able to access all the features of your membership plan without incurring any additional data charges from your internet service provider.

Level Three Membership Details

In the Level Three Membership plan, you will have access to 18 recorded classes and audio exercises facilitated by Mark Certo.

Each audio exercise is designed to induce profound states of consciousness.

You will be given 24/7 access to all exercises for a period of six months.

Here is a list of the content you will enjoy with your Level Three Membership:

1- FYC 1 “Peace” Running time 31:38

2- Ex. 1 “Intro to Peace” Running time 35:00
This exercise is designed to bring you into a state of internal peace and physical relaxation. This state acts as the springboard for all of the following experiences (including transcendent levels of consciousness), and familiarizes the participant with the experience of bringing the conscious mind to the threshold of the subconscious.

3- FYC 2 “Exploring Peace” Running time 21:32

4- Ex. 2 “Exploring Peace” Running time 33:00
After familiarizing yourself with the initial levels of internal peace and relaxation, this exercise allows the participant more time to explore this state of consciousness. Within this exercise, the participant will begin the process of becoming more aware of the subtle vibrational energies taking place within.

5- FYC 3 “Thoughts are Things” Running time 24:13

6- Ex. 3 “Engaging the Icon” Running time 42:00
This exercise begins you exploration of the way thoughts and feelings interact within the psyche, to create what may be termed internal reality. In addition, various techniques are given to help participants shift their thinking, thus allowing an increase in focus, attention and intention. Learning this focus will strengthen the observer within you.

7- FYC 4 “The Effect of Thought” Running time 23:17

8- Ex. 4 “Thought/Emotion/Vibration” Running time 38:48
This exercise builds on becoming aware of the internal subtle vibrations which occur as a direct result of the interaction of the thought/feeling complex, and the participant’s relationship to them.

9- FYC 5 “Being in Space/Time” Running time 32:47

10- Ex. 5 “Be Still and Know” Running time 44:00
This exercise provides you with tools to help clear and focus your mind. This sense of focus enhances the observer experience. In addition the exercise begins your interaction with higher states of consciousness, or the Superconscious Mind.

11- FYC 6 “Support for Space” Running time 22:34

12- Ex. 6 “Support of the Intimate Part 1” Running Time 43:27
This exercise is the first in a series interacting with the higher mind consciousness or Superconscious Mind within each of us. Within this level of mind, is an aspect of the total self which supports your transformation and growth. In this exercise, you will meet and interact with that aspect.

13- FYC 7 “Support of The Intimate” Running time 16:20

14- Ex. 7 “Support of the Intimate Part 2” Running Time 42:13
This exercise helps participants to increase their level of trust with the support available by the Intimate, through asking questions appropriate to the participant’s needs and goals.

15- FYC 8 “Sensory Awareness” Running time 16:30

16- Ex. 8 “Freedom with the Intimate” Running Time 42:38
This exercise allows more time for interaction with the Intimate aspect of the total self.

17- FYC 9 “The Lenses of Being” Running time 15:23

18- Ex. 9 “Establishing the Foundation” Running Time 46:47
This program postulates that in order to use consciousness to create reality through intention, one must first own their sovereignty. Sovereignty is the foundation of one’s own internal power to effect reality on internal and external levels. This is the first of many struggles people have with directing consciousness toward achieving fulfillment. The exercise begins the process of accessing and utilizing our inherent internal power of creation.

19- FYC 10 “Being Sovereign” Running time 18:52

20- Ex. 10 “Exercising Sovereignty” Running Time 41:00
This exercise enhances your ability to create intentionally, through expressing that intention internally. Once achieved, consciousness can then be directed in ways appropriate toward self actualization, which in turn affects your experience of physical world.

21- FYC 11 “Power” Running time 13:15

22- Ex. 11 “Freedom to Exercise Sovereignty” Running Time 35:17
This exercise is designed as a continual practice for exercising internal sovereignty.

23- FYC 12 “Trust and Boundaries” Running time 15:04

24- Ex.12 “Developing Trust” Running Time 51:50
Aside from focus of intention, one of the problems inherent in manifesting one’s goals, is the ego mind’s inability to align itself with the wisdom of the higher mind consciousness. This exercise will help the you increase the level of trust necessary to allow the higher mind consciousness to act according to its nature, which is to ensure that the individual’s evolution is maintained. Part of self actualization is to know and trust in the process of your evolution. Within this exercise, the participant will be introduced to the four pillars of the higher mind’s consciousness (Wisdom, Compassion, Warmth and Strength), and will begin the process of exploring your relationship to these.

25- FYC 13 “Boundaries in Space” Running time 21:02

26- Ex. 13 “Developing the Kinesthetic Sense” Running Time 56:00
The process of self actualization includes the management of one’s energy. This exercise will help you notice, gather, and use your life force energy. In addition, this process will allow you a degree of psychic functioning, through becoming familiar with the subtle energy forms felt within your physical body.

27- FYC 14 “The Power of Boundaries and The Kinesthetic Sense” Running time: 29:40

28- Ex. 14 “Building the Vehicle” Running Time 50:00
This exercise will give you the opportunity to build a vehicle for exploring even higher states of consciousness in a safe and contained environment. This vehicle is used for capturing information gained in transcendent states of consciousness.

29- FYC 15 “ Vibrational Relationships” Running Time: 29:40

30- Ex.15 “Into the Chasm” Running Time 43:47
One of the major challenges with exploration of transcendent states, is being able to navigate in the unknown. Fear of the unknown can be an impediment to understanding and trusting while exploring transcendent states. This exercise will help you gain an understanding of the inherent wisdom in the unknown, and to use your newly developed kinesthetic sense to access wisdom.

31- FYC 16 “ On Transcendence” Running time 30:59

32- Ex.16 “Exploring the Edge” Running Time 56:10
The exploration of transcendent states continues to the very edge of the higher mind consciousness.

33-FYC 17 “ Sensory Awareness Exercise” Running time 10:39

34- Ex.17 “Becoming the Totality” Running Time 57:29
This experience will take you beyond the threshold between realities and enable you to establish a new foundation for further explorations awaiting you in Stage 2 of The Triad Mind Program. This visitation will help you further integrate the four pillars of the higher mind consciousness into the plane of our physical life.

35- FYC 18 “ Closing the Loop” Running Time 24:23

36- Ex.18 “Freedom to Explore” Running time 1:12:05
This is a non-verbal exercise which uses audio cues to allow you to explore the places you’ve already moved through without much verbal guidance. It will allow you the freedom to explore on your own.

Trainings of this nature typically cost thousands of dollars and take years to master. The Triad Mind Stage One Program can be completed in only 6 months and cost only $333.00 U.S dollars. That’s less than $20.00 per class!

In addition to these recorded classes, you will also have access to Level 1-2 content at no charge.

One time Payment

Please note*: For those choosing the six month payment option, content will be made available in accordance with the payment.

6 Month Payment plan

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