If you have practiced yoga style relaxation/meditation techniques and would like to experience some of the more transcendent techniques, consider our Level Two “Body/Mind/Spirit” Membership.

With this plan, you can incorporate some of more of the spiritual applications of meditation into your life, without submitting to dogma or philosophies outside of your comfort zone. Triad Mind meditations are always presented in non dogmatic and philosophically neutral language.

This particular plan is helpful in:

  • Achieving deep peace and relaxation
  • Exploring altered states of the consciousness
  • Quieting the mind
  • Increasing intuitive abilities
  • Connecting with inner wisdom and guidance
  • Increasing perceptual awareness

How the Membership Plan Works

Our membership plans were created to allow subscribers the benefits of relaxation and mediation in the privacy of their own homes. Through state-of-the-art internet streaming technology, you can access our powerful audio exercises with only an internet connection and headphones.

To take advantage of the exercises we offer, you will need to choose the membership plan that fits you best.

If you are on this page, you are likely considering the Level Two “Body-Mind-Spirit” Membership. After buying the membership, you can access audio recordings by logging into your account whenever it fits in your schedule.

All you need to do is:

  1. Log in to your account with your personalized ID and password
  2. Choose the exercise you wish to listen to
  3. Find a quiet room and relax in a comfortable position
  4. Place your headphones on your ears
  5. Press play on the virtual player and begin the process of meditation

Each of our Triad Mind Programs last between 30 minutes to an hour. To avoid any unexpected data charges, check with your internet service provider or cell phone company to ensure you have an unlimited data plan.

Here is a list of the content you will enjoy with your Level Two Membership:

“Contact” General Overview:

Many people study meditation in an attempt to connect with something wiser than themselves. For many this “something”, takes the form of a guardian of sorts: an angel, a spirit guide or animal, an ancient sage or ancestor.  This guide is often perceived as an energy (or entity) which has greater wisdom because it exists outside of the boundaries of physical time/space, and therefore has access to a bigger picture. This progressive learning series of three exercises, is designed to teach you how to make contact with such a presence.

“For Your Consideration”: The Longing Running time 1:58

This is a short message of encouragement and the possibility of connecting with your aspirations.  It is designed to be listened to before moving forward with the Contact series.

1- Ex. 1 “Journey to the Threshold of Awareness” Running Time 44:36

This exercise introduces you to the hypnogogic state which prepare you physically and mentally to make Contact.

2- Ex. 2  “Making Contact” Running time 35:25

Now that you have come to the point of mastering relaxation and remaining aware within the hypnogogic state, it’s time to make contact.  One suggestion: allow yourself to have a mind open to the idea that there is something to make contact with. Simply allow the experience to emerge as it does. Try to remain free of preconceived notions as to what this contact should look like. You might find the results to be more than you would have imagined.

3- Ex. 3 “Maintaining the Connection” Running 35:23

Consider that making contact, is a means of opening the gates to a higher psychic functioning. Throughout the ages, this opening has been achieved in altered state of consciousness.  However, in working this series, you will discover useful ways to make contact during the course of your daily life. Imagine the applications in circumstances which require a degree of wisdom which the logical mind cannot grasp. This exercise will help you achieve a means of constant contact should you desire it.

“Samadhi” General Overview:

Samadhi is a Sanskrit word used to describe a state of consciousness which is transcendent in nature.  It is a state of pure awareness that is beyond the realm of ego logic. A non-dualistic state, where the mind and spirit are one and the same. This is considered an advanced meditation practice that requires a great deal of concentration in order to quiet the mind.  This series was designed to help you achieve this state of quiet mind, and open yourself to the experience of ego transcendence. This advanced training series, is designed in a progressive learning containing four exercises.

4- Ex. 1 “Journey into Deep Relaxation” Running Time 35:44

In order to achieve a sense of ego transcendence in which non-dualistic consciousness is possible, it is first necessary to relax the ego mind. This exercise will help you begin this process.

Samadhi: For Your Consideration Running Time 3:26

Consider this as a short message of encouragement as you move to the next phase of your Samadhi training.

5- Ex. 2   “Allowing the Rhythm” Running Time 32:56

Now that you have achieved the level of physical relaxation necessary for temporarily dispensing with the ego, it is time to begin the process of quieting the ego mind. The first step in achieving this, is to begin to control your thinking process. This will allow you more internal space. This exercise is designed to help you achieve a level of conscious observation and control of your thinking process.

6- Ex. 3   “Be Still and Know,  Part 1″  Running time 33:01

Quieting the ego in order to experience Samadhi, is something that is best approached in phases. You have already learned to quiet your body (the physical part of ego), and you are working toward quieting your mind (the mental part of ego).  As you have probably noticed, quieting the mind is not so easily done. This exercise will help you control the pace at which your thoughts emerge.  You also have a means of directing your thoughts away from the center of your conscious awareness. This exercise is designed to help you increase your level of transcendent awareness through further quieting your mind.

7- Ex. 4   “Be Still and Know,  Part 2” Running Time 33:00

This is the last phase in your Samadhi training.  In this exercise you will use all of the skills you have learned thus far in quieting the ego’s body/mind.  This last phase in achieving the Samadhi experience, has much to do with trust.  The ego has a strong identification with its thinking process, and has a hard time with letting go of thinking. This exercise will help you create the space necessary to open yourself to the experience of Samadhi.

8- “Open Meditation without Verbal Guidance” Running time 30:00

Your ability to explore hypnogogia without falling asleep will be enhanced through this exercise. This exercise contains no verbal guidance or instruction.  In this exercise, you are on your own.  Enjoy!!

Overview: The Hermetic Wisdom series.

Throughout time human beings have sought to understand our connection to divinity. We seek to do this while maintaining our humanity and expanding it’s boundaries. The wisdom of Hermes has been sought after through esoteric schools and teachings. In the Hermetic Wisdom series, you will have the opportunity to explore these teachings through direct experience rather than being taught. These exercises will help you gain insight into what can be accomplished by you personally, through further study in The Triad Mind Programs.

9- “Introduction to the Tree of Life” Running time. 47:00

For some, The Tree of Life is a symbol or archetype which contains the mystery of existence in all of its aspects. It is said to reside in each of us as an extension of all the elements; the aspects of both our humanity and our divinity.  Meditation upon this archetype can potentially invoke powerful creative energies within us.  This exercise will introduce to you own personal tree of life.

10- “Creating Space for Wisdom” Running Time: 47:56

In order to gain access to “higher wisdom”, it is necessary to open ourselves to it.  This exercise is designed to help you achieve this.

11- “Conscious Connection / As above, so below” Running time: 53:36

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes tells us that everything which occurs upon the physical plane of existence, has its roots in the ethereal plane.  This concept is encompassed within the phrase “As above, so below.”  The esoteric (or hidden) meaning of this phrase connotes that all things which have a root in physical existence, already exist within the consciousness of something outside of physical existence. In other words, everything is created through the imagination of something else which is then rooted in physical existence.  This exercise will give you an opportunity to begin the process of conscious creation, a process explored more deeply in the later stages of the Triad Mind Program.

12- “In The Savannah for Relaxation, Meditation and Massage”  Running Time 40:00

Relax to the sound of gently falling rain in the low country savannah. This true stereo recording combines with binaural beat frequencies designed to help you relax your mind and body.

13- Watching the World Go By  Ex 1 “Creating Space” Running time 32:54 

This exercise will introduce you to a relaxing state which lies on the bridge of stage 3/4 sleep. This state of consciousness is called the   hypnogogic state. It is a very relaxing physical state which enables a sense of inner space. The narration contains a simple autogenic relaxation technique which will help you purposefully guide you into the hypnogogic state. Once hypnogogia is achieved, you will learn a simple anchoring technique, enabling you to trigger relaxation whenever you wish. This technique can be especially helpful during times of stress. Although this exercise is a wonderful first foray into the world of meditation, experienced practitioners will find that this experience will deepen there practice. For those who practice yoga, the experience is like Yoga Nidra.

14- Watching the World Go By  Ex 2 “ Your Daily Meditation Practice” Running Time: 21:54

Many people who wish to begin a meditation practice feel as if they have little time to sit and do the work. This exercise was designed with you in mind. After listening to Ex. 1, you will be able to use the anchoring technique to expedite your return to hypnogogia, and have more time experience your inner space. All of this is accomplished in a little over 20 minutes.

15- Rest Easy Ex 1 “ The Power Nap” Running Time 31:50
This exercise was developed as a 20 minute power nap to refresh yourself mid day. Sleep research indicates that 20:00 minute “power naps” have a unique ability to refresh the body and mind. This is probably due to the fact that one ordinarily doesn’t reach stage four sleep, and will keep your body from releasing the chemicals which prevent major muscles movements during restorative sleep. This exercise will train you to achieve a refreshing nap easily. This exercise is not intended as a substitute for normal sleep periods. It is simply intended to give you a mid day boost.

16- Rest Easy Ex 2  “Deep Sleep”. Running Time 40:33
This exercise was developed for those who have trouble falling to sleep due to jet leg, various insomnia’s or stress. It is most effective if used often, and is designed to help you achieve stage four sleep. The recording will gently fade away at the end of forty minutes. This exercise is not intended to correct insomnia. It is simply an attempt to help those who have occasional problems falling asleep. It is also considered a helpful training aid for regaining your ability to fall asleep. The binaural beat complexes are predominately delta frequencies in high amplitude. The narration is a soothing autogenic relaxation technique. If this recording doesn’t help you, you might try listening to the “Delta Sleep exercise”, which contains the same binaural beat complexes without narration.

17- “Delta Sleep” Running time 1:06:25
This exercise contains high amplitude, low frequency delta binaural beats combined with pink noise, to help aid you in fall asleep. I have found this exercise incredibly helpful to help compensate for jet lag. Although this exercise can prove helpful, it is not intended to correct insomnia.

18- “Spirit’s Journey Redux For Massage, Relaxation and Meditation” Running Time 51:22

Originally released in 1995, this recording enjoyed over a decade of success in the Metamusic catalog of Monroe Products. While the recording is still available from Monroe Products, Mark decided it was time to revamp this beautiful recording into a redux version. The original version (30:00 in length) now boasts over 50:00 minutes of beautifully segueing melodic compositions. Featured instruments are guitars, synths, strings and piano. This musical mediation journey has been augmented with binaural beats designed to induced deep relaxation and receptivity. Although digitally re-mastered for use with headphones while in a relaxed position, this recording has been optimized for use through open speakers.

19- “Spirit’s Journey Redux For Focused Mind and Concentration” Running Time 51:22

The binaural beats in this recording, have been optimized for you to enjoy through open speakers. This will help you focus on tasks which require your full attention.

20- “Mother Ocean For Sleep” Running time 40:00

The sound of the ocean speaks to something primal within our psyches. Because of it’s unique position to the Atlantic Ocean, Hilton Head Island has many places which are optimal for field recording. Digitally recorded in true binaural fashion with quality microphones, this recording will please anyone who finds the sounds of waves gently lapping onto the shore. The strong delta binaural beat frequencies are designed to help you sleep.

21- “Mother Ocean For Focus Mind and Concentration” Running time 40:00

The binaural beats in this recording have been optimized to help you focus on the task at hand. Feel free to enjoy this recording through open speakers while doing tasks which require your full attention.

22– “Mother Ocean for Meditation, Relaxation and Massage” Running Time 40:00

This is an opportunity for you to apply the meditation skills learned in Watching the World Go By, and allow your mind to drift with the tide.

The Level Two “Body-Mind-Spirit” Membership is just $10 per month.

With your membership you will receive unlimited 24/7 access to 22 unique audio exercises. You may cancel or upgrade your membership at anytime.

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