The In’s and Out of Body Experiences Pt 1.

The In’s and Out of Body Experiences Pt 1.

For over seven years, it was my pleasure to have worked with and known the man whose name became synonymous with the Out of Body Experience. Robert. A Monroe was not only my employer and teacher, he was also my friend.

For those who know nothing about Bob or his experiences, he wrote several books on the subject and spent his later years in life researching and developing a unique brainwave entrainment technology, in the hopes of helping people expand consciousness. This expanded consciousness was believed to help facilitate the OOBE. His hope was that in doing so, that he could help them understand and integrate the experience.

Although Bob was motivated to do this because of his Out of Body experiences, he also believed that in having such an experience, people would come to know that they do survive physical death. This knowledge understandably has a great appeal as life after death remains one of humanities great hopes.

Even though so many years having passed since Bob Monroe’s final departure, because of our relationship and the fact that we worked so closely together, people continually ask me if I will share secret information with them on how to achieve the Out of Body Experience.

There have been many books written on how to achieve the OOBE. There are also many recorded meditation techniques designed to help one have this experience. So many in fact, that it should be quite unnecessary for me to add to the mix at all. The truth is that since leaving The Monroe Institute, I have spent little time even thinking about the phenomenon. The focus of my consciousness research has been elsewhere. But lately, it occurred to me that perhaps there is something I can offer. Rather than just offering techniques (which I will) or perhaps snippets of my own experiences (which I have), I think it may be time to examine what we are talking about when we discuss the Out of Body Experience. In doing so, I hope to encourage your curiosity, inspire your courage, and to take a good look behind the veil.

In the article entitled, Peaking Through the Looking Glass, I attempted to explain the transformative power of having experiences such as the OOBE, or Lucid dreams. In the case of myself and of Bob, it’s seems evident to me that these experiences give us a new perspective on just how connected we all are. In addition, these experiences offer us a great deal more to consider about the meaning of human life. These experiences not only show us that we survive death, they also give us a glimpse into our potentials, and desire for fulfillment.

Because Bob had his experiences, he knew rather believed or hoped, that he would survive physical death. He often wrote about converting one’s “beliefs into knowns” through direct experience. It is a stance that I whole heartedly support in the work I am presenting now through The Triad Mind Program. Direct experience of any sort, is always the highest source of truth. In many cases the people who ask me how to induce the OOBE, do so because they wish to have the same knowledge as Bob Monroe. They want to know. Quite frankly, so did I.

In this blog series, I will share with you all that I know about the OOBE, Lucid Dreams and various other forms of transcendent or peak experiences.

Like Bob Monroe, my interests lay in not only experiencing such states, but also in knowing the truth behind these experiences. Believe it or not, the latter is much more difficult to ascertain than the former. Pathology is not always a revealer of truth. This is especially true because in the end we are talking about experience, and the impact it has on the experiencer.

So as we continue, I’d like you to consider a few things regarding the phenomena experience. Not only the Out of Body and Lucid Dream Experience, but the concept of experience in general. In doing so, I hope to help you’ll personally explore what it is you are looking for, how best to achieve it, and most importantly how to integrate the experience into your life.

By necessity, this will be a somewhat lengthy series. The topics we will cover are: Consciousness, The Physical Mechanisms of Consciousness, Altered States of Consciousness, Sleep, Consciousness Anomalies, Psychological Needs and Wish Fulfillment. In addition, we will add a dash of Physics and Metaphysics.

In my opinion, all of these are relevant to the topic at hand and contain the secrets behind the Out of Body Experience. If by chance your head is already spinning because of the topics to be considered, I want to stress that these topics are not hard to grasp. I am a humble recording engineer and I get it. So have a little faith in yourself. I promise that the clinical jargon will be minimized and that the topics are relevant. In knowing how these aforementioned topics play within your experience of consciousness, you will find exactly what you are looking for. Perhaps even more than you were looking for.

If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to read and consider the information found in the previous article.


Peace to all of you,


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