What is consciousness? What does it mean to have consciousness be unbound?

These are the questions explored in depth by our host Mark Certo in this exciting podcast!

In addition to being the creator/producer of the recordings available on our TTM memberships, Mark has a long history and love affair with the art of broadcasting. His professional interview style and relaxed demeanor, helps to simply the complex topic of consciousness. Our guests are top notch and knowledgeable in their field.

The overarching theme of the podcast is primarily focused on the scientific, mystical and philosophical nature of the thing we call consciousness.

Please click on the links below and explore just how deep the rabbit goes. Enjoy!

Episode 1: “The Primer”

Description: My name is Mark Certo and for decades I have been blessed with the opportunity to engage with some of the most fascinating people in the field of consciousness research. Although a humble recording engineer, my work with such luminaries has greatly inspired my personal study in the field, and allowed me to apply this knowledge to allow others to explore the mystery of consciousness for themselves.

In this podcast you will have the opportunity to explore some of the more amazing aspects of consciousness from some of the leading voices in the field. The Triad Mind Podcast is a podcast dedicated to exploring the mystery of consciousness. As the host of this interview program, I have endeavored to present this complex and fascinating topic in easily understandable language. It is my hope to inspire further inquiry within you….the listener.

It is my belief that if we all begin to ask the real questions about the nature of life, reality, and the human spirit, that we will come to accomplish great things as a ensemble. The best way to achieve this, is to explore the things which unify us and makes us uniquely human. We are here to experience life through the gift of consciousness. This is Consciousness Unbound.

Episode 2: The Out of Body Experience.

Description: The Out of Body Experience is an anomalous experience in consciousness. The well documented experience is explored in this episode by one who has had the experience many times.

Episode 3: The Art of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the uncommon experience in which one becomes aware that they are in fact dreaming. When this occurs, one can interact with their own subconscious content. In this episode we discuss the various methods on how one can learn to have an LDE and the potential psychological benefits.

Episode 4: Psi Research

Parapsychology and consciousness anomalies go hand in hand. In this episode Dr. Charles T. Tart discusses altered states of consciousness and applied research on anomalous experiences such as: The Out of body Experience, Psychic Phenomenon, and Remote Viewing.

Episode 5: Consciousness and Close Encounters

Angelia Sheer has been investigating UFO reports for decades. She is the Director of the Tennessee Branch of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and Parasheer Research.

With 2,500 documented case studies in UFO and other paranormal phenomena, Angelia brings a wealth of knowledge to the field of how these experiences effect the consciousness of the individual having the experience.