The human mind remains one of the great universal mysteries. Although studied for thousands of years from a spiritual perspective and over a century from a scientific perspective, consciousness remains an enigma. For those who approach meditation as a means of discovering and applying the power of the mind, we offer The Triad Mind Program.

The Triad Mind Program is a three stage meditation program designed to help participants explore the three states of mind that human beings operate on. These states of mind are defined as:

  1. The Conscious Mind- Also known as the waking state. This level of mind is the one we are most familiar with. The conscious mind is in essence, the you that you know yourself to be. It is also called the ego self. Exploration of this level of mind will train you to direct your awareness and thinking process, to achieve a desired clarity and focus, on both internal and external reality.
  2. The Subconscious Mind- The part of our minds which ordinarily remains hidden from the conscious waking thought patterns. The subconscious mind maintains the integrity of the ego self. Although it lies beneath the threshold of our conscious mind awareness, this level of mind effects and governs our perceptions, behaviors and beliefs in the waking state and often reveals itself in the dream state. Exploration into this level of mind will reveal hidden aspects of the self; our motivations, emotional responses and belief structures. Such exploration, can help free you from limiting fears and beliefs and activate you toward positive fulfillment in your life goals.
  3. The Super Conscious Mind- is also known as transcendent consciousness or the part of our mind consciousness which is connected to something larger than ourselves. However you conceive of that; God, The cosmos, Earth, Humanity. Throughout time, we have expressed our longing to be in connection with this level of mind, through various spiritual pursuits. Exploring this longing for connection affirms its existence within us. Becoming acquainted with this level of mind, activates its properties. Interacting and cooperating with it, unlocks our full potential.Meditation has long tradition of helping people to experience each of these levels of mind. The Triad Mind Program will allow you to explore each of these levels from a spiritually and philosophically neutral position and integrate them into your daily life.

You can experience the Triad Mind

You need not have any meditation experience to enroll in the Triad Mind Program. The Triad Mind program gives step by step guidance to accommodate anyone who wishes to use meditation as a means of personal growth and transformation, regardless of previous experience. Those who have previous experience in exploring consciousness, will find this program a wonderfully supportive adjunct which will deepen your current practice and enhance your understanding.

There are three stages of The Triad Mind Program which are accessed through membership levels 3-5. Within each of these levels, you will have 24/7 access to:

  • 18 classes recorded classes given by Mark Certo which sets the tone for the recorded exercise.
  • 18 recorded exercises specifically designed to explore altered states of consciousness.
  • Sensory awareness exercises designed to enhance your perceptual abilities, expand awareness and integrate transcendent experiences into your daily life.In addition, you will have access to the content contained in all of the previous membership levels and access to the member forums and social pages.
  • Programs of this nature cost thousands of dollars and often require travel expenses as well as time away from work and family. The Triad Mind is a world class personal growth meditation program designed by a leading expert in the field of binaural beat technology, which can be experienced in the comfort of your own home for only $18.50 per class!

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