Comparative religious studies has been an offshoot of my research in consciousness. Over the decades I’ve spent a lot of time wading through the various beliefs which are presented as truth. The reason I do is because religious belief is not only a function of consciousness, in many cases it pervades consciousness and informs every decision of the devotee. IMHO, religious consciousness is a phenomenon of consciousness itself.

I see value in all religious expression if it serves the purpose of connecting with what I can only call a concept of the divine. I think the myriad expressions are in many ways quite beautiful and contain the wisdom of ages. It can help us serve the better angels of our nature and teach us something about our true nature. A form of self realization if you like.

About 30 years ago, I stumbled upon the Kabbalah. How this body of work came into my purview is a long story based on an experience I had while reaching into The Super Conscious stratum we explore in The Triad Mind Program. Since that initial experience, I have diligently studied all three schools of thought regarding this ancient cosmology.

For me, Kabbalah is one of the most comprehensive psycho spiritual works available. There are a lot of applications for the study of Kabbalah. Some of these are rooted in trying to understand the knowable aspects of the divine mind. Some of which are rooted in interpersonal relationships and polarized energy systems. One might consider this a form of self realization.

Other applications are concerned with using these forces towards creating the world they seek to create. This makes Kabbalah a form of self actualization.

These applications are just scratching the surface. Kabbalah is not only a comprehensive study in spirituality, it is also quite practical and useful. Essentially, every aspect of Kabbalah is rooted in this thing we call consciousness.

There are pitfalls in the study of Kabbalah. It can be rather pedantic and intense. It requires additional study into the Hebrew language. It has many offshoots of study which are applied in such things as : Gematria, Astrology, Magic, or manifestation principles if you prefer. There are also enough competing methods, philosophies, blinds, ciphers and beliefs which can make beginning student go “Oy Vey!”.

I know. I’ve been there. That is why I have created this class.

My goal is to present a means of direct experience of the Tree of Life. I want to introduce you to the principles on the Tree of Life and put them into practical application. Self Realization and Self Actualization.

Essentially, Kabbalah is an exploration into this thing we call consciousness. This exploration is done on both a personal and impersonal level. That is how Kabbalah presents consciousness. To the Kabbalist, consciousness exists as personal and impersonal. We experience consciousness personally and consciousness itself is a sea in which we swim.

Consciousness and energy are inextricably tied in the mind set of the Kabbalist. This is the reason that just about every mystical tradition includes a study of the Tree in its curriculum. This is why most mystical traditions cover the attributions on the Tree and integrate them into their tradition. That is what makes Kabbalah such a comprehensive system. Even certain branches of Psychology are informed by Kabbalah.

Most schools of Kabbalah however do not give direct experience of the Tree of Life. That is the intention and goal of this workshop. In this workshop, access and experience is achieved through the exploration of a very specific stratum of consciousness that the ancients called Yetzirah; a Hebrew word meaning Formation. This “world of formation” is the precursor to all manifested things and it is accessible through hypnagogic meditation practices which we will focus on in this course.

Kabbalah and Consciousness will be a means for you to learn not only the basic principles of the Tree of Life, but also to have a direct experience of the world of Yetzirah. In that world, you will learn how to begin the process of mastery doing what the ancients called Ma’aseh Merkabah : The Work of the Chariot and Ma’aseh Bereshit: The Work of Creation. Both of these are functions of consciousness.

There are many books and classes on Kabbalah available which can fill the knowledge gaps and provide decades of study. This class will give you the basic structure of the Tree of Life, an understanding of how it works within you, and an opportunity to explore it on a very deep level. The Work of the Chariot is something which can be done without adhering to theology or dogma. The Work of Creation is also available to participants of this class, but will require more than this class will offer in order to implement responsibly. That will come in time. For now, exploration and integration will be our goal.

Here’s how it works:

1- Enroll by following the link. The price is $300.00. Enrollment Link.

2- You will be given immediate access to the experiential meditation training available on the Triad Mind website. Once you are enrolled, you may choose from any of the recordings available just to get a feel for the work. You will be provided with 6 months of access to these recordings for at home study and training.

3- Within days of your registration, you will receive a personal letter from me. We will begin a conversation to ascertain your goals and interest. I will then curate your journey before we begin the group sessions.

4-You will then begin receiving invites to the group sessions. These will be held via Zoom on Sundays at 1pm est. There we will meet as a group and begin the training of understanding the energies on the Tree. We will examine how they correspond to the experiences we have in the at home recording study and in your personal life.

There will be 10 Zooms sessions and they will last approximately three hours. My goal is to make these sessions an interactive discussion as a lecture series to help every student on the journey up the Tree of Life. If you cannot make a class, an audio recording will be provided after each session so you won’t miss a thing.

Please note: Due to the holiday season, these classes will not take place consecutively every Sunday. They will run every Sunday with a gap for the holidays.

5- I will provide helpful links to further your study and interest. The is no required syllabus, but I am pretty well versed on what I consider helpful written material. Much of the recommended reading is easy to follow but it depends upon your interest. As I get to know you, I will do my best to steer you in the right direction to avoid years of wandering around should you decide to further your study.

First class begins Sunday November 26th, 2023 and will extend into March 2024 with intermittent breaks due to the holidays.

In closing, I want you to know that this is sacred ground for me. I do not dabble in Kabbalah and I do not posture myself as a teacher of Kabbalah.  For me, Kabbalah is a mind set which informs everything I do in life. That includes everything I create in life. The Triad Mind is among those creations. Although TTM is presented as a non dogmatic and philosophically neutral method of exploring altered states of consciousness, its Kabbalistic influence cannot be ignored. To present this class on Kabbalah and Consciousness, is something I do with great reverence. I hope you will discover that same reverence upon attending this unique class.

– Mark

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