Learn the Art of Observance in Altered States of Consciousness. The Observance begins August 9th 2023.

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  • Once Weekly Webinars.- This video conferenced webinar is held every Sunday 1pm-3pm EST.
  • Study Through Streaming. The program training allows you six months to help you have direct experience you desire.

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The Triad Mind program is a three stage tool to help you explore and focus consciousness. The goal of TTM is to teach you to use consciousness to:
* Enjoy balance, clarity and truth.
* Achieve higher sense perceptions.
* Experience Transcendent states of consciousness.
* Focus and expand your awareness.
* Foster connection, safety and peace.
* Know your multidimensional nature.
* Feel your connection to divinity.
* Explore your subconscious, consciously.
* Connect to superconscious guidance and wisdom.
* Affect reality.
* Become Self Realized and Self Actualized.

What is Self Actualization and Self Realization?
The terms defines the ability to be self fulfilling in every way. The Self Actualized / Self Realized human is one who directs his/her consciousness and energy to reach their potential.
* Understand the profound connectedness of all things.
* Enjoy peak or mystical experiences.
* Feel peace and well being.
* Engage positively with life.
* Are present with reality in all its forms.
* Use their energy to create the life they want for themselves and others.

Why this program explores consciousness?

Although consciousness remains an enigma, exploring it through meditation can help you fully engage the essential qualities of this thing we call a self.

What is often discovered is that the self is a multifaceted, multi-dimensional, and multilayered being. The self is simultaneously physical and non physical. This discovery comes from exploring consciousness. The Self Realized human understands this through direct experience. The Self Actualized human learns to direct his/her consciousness and internal power to create.

They do this because they know who they are. They know who we all are: Materialized expressions of energy engaging in the phenomena of experience.

Within each stage of The Triad Mind Program, participants learn to actively explore and engage in three distinct yet interactive levels of mind. These are:

1- The Conscious Mind: The strata of mind which allows for and interprets sensory experience. This strata allows us awareness and cognition.

2- The Sub-Conscious Mind: The strata of mind which resides below the threshold of cognition and awareness. It is a realm of un integrated experiences, thoughts, feelings, desire and primal motivations.

3- The Super Conscious Mind : The strata of mind which directs and guides our personal evolution through connection with the collective or divine mind.

The goal of the Triad Mind Program is to help people explore and interact with each strata of consciousness. The program also helps people learn to direct mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychic energy towards achieving their goals. In doing so, we perform the great work of humanity while healing our world.

TTM helps you explores altered states of consciousness to understand:
* The nature of mind.
* The origin of consciousness.
* How to explore consciousness and apply this knowledge to your purpose in life?

TTM is a non dogmatic, philosophically neutral meditation technique for exploring and utilizing consciousness.

Regarding Altered States of Consciousness.

TTM postulates that the term “altered states of consciousness”, defines the experience of bringing conscious awareness to stratum of consciousness which are not ordinarily accessible in the awakened state.
Examples of Altered States include:
* The Hypnagogic state.
* The Lucid dreaming state.
* Peak or transcendent states.
* Non being states.
* Receptive or intuitive states.
* Astral Projection.
* The Out of Body experience.

Our goals regarding the access of altered states are as follows:

1- To responsibly and methodically provided a platform for accessing altered states of consciousness: Specifically the Sub Conscious and Super Conscious stratum.

2- To encourage curiosity about the content examined in these states.

3- To create a platform for well grounded integration of experiences had within these states.

With the proper training, initiating altered states of consciousness can provide amazing insight and activate a dynamic force in human beings. The Observances are designed to help you achieve these goals through direct experience.

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