Wanna Take A Ride?

Wanna Take A Ride?

Indeed. Things did get more interesting as I continued listening experientially to Bob’s work. The H+ tapes (yes they were all analog tape back then), were each designed to take you into a deep state of relaxation. Once there, you would “instruct yourself” on certain behavior modifications or improvement you wanted to make. The technique was much like hypnotherapy. There were recordings to help you stop binge eating or stop smoking, etc. There were also recordings designed to help you improve mental performance and problem solve. In all, it was a pretty wide gamut of potential learnings. All using the hypnotherapy model.

At that point in my personal / spiritual life, I had less interest in the “instructions to all of me”, and more interest in what was meant by the term “all of me”. I asked Bob what he had meant by this phrase. He eyed me for a moment and said something to the effect of; “Ask me again sometime in the future. You’re too young.” It was a phrase he would use many times in our future interactions.

Ordinarily at the ripe old age of 27, I would have been offended by such a statement. Something in the smile behind his eyes however, told me that he was being sincere. He seemed to care about me and my learning. He seemed to know that I wouldn’t quite understand what was meant if he answered directly. Somehow I got the impression that if he had shared his little secret with me at that time, I would have lost interest or perhaps gone running. His non answer, stimulated my curiosity. Not so much in H+ function exercises, but what was happening to me as a result of my listening to them.

Within my daily meditations which did not include the use of Hemi-Sync tm, I continued to notice a subtle vibration occurring within my physical body. Yet this vibration was very similar to what I had experienced in Focus Ten. It was almost as if the Hemi-Sync had open up some sort of gateway within me, that took my previous meditation work to a deeper level of relaxation and experience. I wondered if the effects of these recordings were long lasting and permanent.

I asked Bob about this and he let me know that there was nothing to worry about. “The tapes won’t do anything to you, that you yourself don’t want to happen”, he explained. He told me that in his opinion, a gateway was indeed opened within me. He also told me that it was something I was obviously ready for, given I had been practicing meditation for some time. He asked me if I had read his book yet? I replied that I had not, but would remedy that soon. I began that evening.

Far Journey’s by Robert A. Monroe, is a fantastic tale of Out of Body adventures that reads like novel. Because of my early interest in meditation, I had heard of astral travel before. However, this term Out of Body experience, was somewhat new to me. Apparently, they are relatively the same thing.

For those who know nothing about it, the premise is that we are spiritual beings within a physical body. During times of deep meditation or perhaps sleep, part of the spirit leaves the body, and wanders on the astral plane in something that feels and acts like a body. For me at the time, this sounded way too much like dying or becoming a wandering spirit. I wanted nothing to do with either.

The experiences Bob relayed to the world without any reservation on his part, fascinated me. It brought up so many questions. Who was this man? Was he writing fiction? Was he into the occult? My Catholic upbringing (not particularly strict or maintained) stimulated my imagination. What did get myself involved with? There was a part of me which wanted to close the book and let Bob know that I wouldn’t be coming back anymore. But for some reason, I read on.

Within the book were unbelievable stories of what occurred during his OBE’s. Things like meeting with his greater self. There were also past life visions, and meetings with aspects of himself. All of these things I had heard of before, but had never met anyone who had actually had these experiences. Were they real? Was he making this stuff up as a form of teaching story? Was he nuts?

The man I had met and worked with over the weeks, seemed normal enough. He was a bright eyed, quick witted, and unassuming man who seemed genuine and warm. He treated me fairly and with respect. He didn’t proselytize anything or claim he was a prophet of God. Either of theses would have sent me running. There were no goat headed pentacles hanging in the lab. He didn’t seem like a cult leader of any sort. He was just an old guy with whom I had a lot in common.

I was hoping to get to the bottom of all of this. Yet the thought of coming out and asking him if he was serious about what he wrote, just seemed rude. I decided to keep my thoughts to myself. I would simply finish the gig and move on with my life. And move on I did. But not in the way I planned.

It’s funny to look at all of this in hind sight. The events I have been relaying thus far had taken place over 25 years ago. So much has happened since then. So many people have come and gone. So many experiences and life lessons. If it weren’t for meeting and knowing Robert A. Monroe as I had done, I am petty sure that I would not have evolved into the person that I am today.

As I said earlier, sometimes events happen in life that change it forever. Sometimes these things unfold slowly, and organically over time. Like an acorn growing into an oak. Sometimes, time collapses and we have to adapt to evolve. A part of me knew that I was going for a ride. I just wasn’t sure whether or not I was enjoying the ride yet.

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