Words Matter

Words Matter

An open letter to all of my spiritually minded friends and readers who are suffering as a result of the election.

I am sorry for your suffering. I know you are scared, angry and disappointed. I share your feelings of disappointment and remain hopeful. It’s natural to feel disappointed when life does not reflect what we want, what we believe is fair, or what we invest our time and energy into.

Some of our greatest spiritual teachers through time have implied that this type of suffering is not necessary. Some have called it needless suffering. I take a different view. I say acknowledge your suffering and ask what can be learned from it.

I am taking some responsibility in the outcome of this election. Like me, many of you know or at least suspect that we have some influence in creating reality. There are many teachings about how this takes place. Most are in accordance with the notion that we affect reality through some sort of vibration. The teachings say that vibration moves through the fabric of space / time and becomes manifested on the physical plane. The source of this vibration is us. According to the teachings, we generate these vibrations through our thoughts, our emotions and through words. According to the spiritual teachings, words matter.

Many of us know these teachings are true through our experience. Many of us believe or hope that these teachings are true. I don’t know where you sit with this idea, but I would very much appreciate you taking a moment to consider the idea right now. If you do, perhaps we will be able to make sense of the events which caused the suffering you are now experiencing, and more importantly; what can be done to relieve the suffering. My experience is that we can be proactive in creating a reality which reduces if not eliminates the things which cause needless suffering. From my perspective it is also our responsibility to do so. It begins with you and me.

As I write this, the campaigns, pundits and political analysts are debating the reasons for the outcome of the election here in the U.S. To be sure, it was quite unexpected for many. I too could not have predicted that such a personality could ever be elected President, but I have never claimed to be particularly psychic. Although in hind sight, the reason for the outcome of this election is perfectly obvious to me.

Perhaps I missed it because I have some history with Donald Trump that many of you do not have. This history clouded my ability to see the writing on the wall. In brief, I have been aware of DT for decades. Since 1975 actually. My assessment of him has always been that he is clownish cartoon character who is self serving, enjoys being a controversial public figure and does so to bolster his brand. He is a man of business. I am sure many of you share this vision of him. I do not fault him for being a businessman. That is his raison d’être. What I failed to realize is that he is also masterful manipulator of energy. As a result, he is now the President Elect of the United States.

The first question I asked myself when the election returns began to come in and it seemed as if he would win this race was, how is this possible? The answer came quite quickly. Words. Words matter. I immediately knew that this answer was true.

As I said before, if you are a spiritually minded person, you know, believe or at least suspect that this is true. If you have no such beliefs, I hope you will read on because even on the most mundane level of human interaction, you know this is true.

History has taught us how maniacal leaders such as Hitler or Mussolini, use the power of rhetoric and propaganda to bring the populace into alignment with a political agenda. We Americans have always believed ourselves immune to such tactics. After all, America was born during the age of enlightenment. Surely we could not allow ourselves to be so manipulated. But as I said above, we are.

You may also relate to what I am saying on a deeply personal level. Just think about your reaction when someone compliments or insults you. You have (had, and perhaps will have) an emotional and visceral reaction to words. Words matter. Words evoke an energetic response which we call emotion,

Whether you consider yourself are a spiritually minded, aware, intelligent, enlightened, forward thinking, loving, caring, theist, atheist, agnostic, or have any other identity, words matter.

For those of us whose world view is more scientific and secular, I offer this for your consideration. Issac Newton discovered that: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Our Democracy is very much a reflection of this law. It is built upon a balance of powers in which the pendulum swings between the right and left. Progressives and conservatives push and pull upon each other, to force the momentum that each side believes in. They do this through words.

We the “common people” also do this in our daily relationships. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at your FB posts over the past 18 months. An honest assessment of your posts will reveal to you how much time and energy you spend trying to get the world to see your point of view. Even at the most basic level you know, believe or suspect that words matter.

If you are getting the point by now, I would like to draw your attention to how you are responsible for the outcome of this election. I know this may be too much to take in while in the midst of your grief, and I apologize if this is so. I thought to write this article at a later date. But in the midst of the continued outbursts of anger and vitriol, I feel the need to say something to inspire calm before we worsen our condition as a nation. So here goes.

So it is fair to challenge my statement that you are in anyway responsible for the outcome of this election? This is especially true if you voted for Mrs. Clinton. The reason for saying so is simple. You allowed yourself to be manipulated by words. I am not blaming you or making you wrong or shaming you. It happens. It has happened to me in the past as well. The problem is that when we allow ourselves to be manipulated through the words of others, we give away our own power to affect a different outcome. The outcome that we desire, as opposed to the outcome they desire. I suggest you digest that for a bit before reading on, because your responsibility does not end there.

Words matter. Your words. Take another look at your FaceBook page or Twitter account. Are your words angry or demeaning to another person? If so, consider this: Your angry words whether spoken or written, contributed to the angry response which motivated the Trump voter. Contributed. Their words also contributed in your angry response. Your angry words validated their thinking and their angry words reinforced yours.

Perhaps you didn’t notice how your words effected the supporters of the other candidate, during the election season. It happens. No blame, shame or regret. Just be aware. Newton’s law applies in human interaction as well. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So from this perspective, if your FB page is full of angry words towards the supporters of a different candidate, you are provoking a negative response from the recipient of those words. People take words personally and they react in kind.

President Elect Trump and Secretary Clinton know this. They use words to their advantage. This is a very old and time tested way in which the ruling class has always kept their power. It is so old, it is originally written in Latin. Divide et impera. Divide and rule. Works every time. Again, I am not saying these words to you to shame you, make you feel bad, or chastise you. This is simply the way we use words and are used by words. Those who understand this can use words skillfully to create the reality they want. They know that words matter.

I would like to invite you to begin to consider your words and how you use them to create the reality that you want, rather than allowing yourself to be manipulated by others to create the reality they want. If politicians can do this, why not you? Perhaps, if we do so with wisdom, we can create the reality which works for all humans. Words can divide us. Words can also unite us. Words are powerful to us. Words can also be used powerfully by us. Many of us use words mostly without considering our words carefully. Many of us only casually understand the power of words. Unless you are aware of your thoughts and how you use energy, you will simply allow those thoughts and emotional energy to express in the words that flow out of your mouth. The words that flow out of your mouth reflect how you think and feel. Words are a physical manifestation of the energy we call thought and feeling. Words also effect how you think and feel.

Thinking and feeling are two aspects or qualities of consciousness. Awareness, (another aspect of consciousness), will help you use words to create wisely. In the Triad Mind Program, you will learn how to use consciousness and energy to create wisely.

In closing, I’d like to make a simple plea to all those who believe there is any truth in the words I have written here. Please, be careful with your words. Please stop blaming every one else for the ascendancy of Donald Trump. Change will happen when you accept responsibility for creating reality. Have your grief. Feel your anger. These are part of the human experience and need to be acknowledge. If you do so skillfully and with keen awareness, you may discover many things about yourself in the process. As you go through your process, please consider your words. This is especially true when we are feeling emotional. More anger splatted upon someone else will only make the situation worse. Words created the reality we are currently experiencing. Consider your words. Someone is probably listening. The universe is listening. Words matter. Peace to you and yours.

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